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Retirement Planning:

As mentioned earlier, we find the money. There are three types of money. They include Accumulation, Lifestyle, and Transferred Money.

Most advisors focus on the accumulation money. Which simply means, you must have money for them to invest. Give them more and they will invest more. Not a bad deal, assuming you’re receiving a decent ROI and are not committing any additional transfers.

Our focus is not on the accumulation money. We concentrate on finding the transferred money. The money that is being transferred out of your accounts unknowingly and unnecessarily.

This is the money we help our clients identify because it improves their lifestyles and retirement.

We also use some of the more traditional tool(s) in the process of creating a plan fit for personal and company specific needs and desires where appropriate.

  • Stable/Growth Oriented Alternative Investments
  • 401k, 403b, Traditional IRA, and Roth IRA Rollovers
  • Life time and Guaranteed Annuities
  • Group Benefits Plans