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About Us

What We Do:

We assist Dentists and Dental Groups by Generating Tax-Free Retirement Income with Less Stress and More Money.


How We Do:

“Helping Dentists keep their Financial Growth in Intact by implementing our R.E.T.A.I.N.E.R.S. Methodology.”

R – Receive extra money up to a 3-1 match on retirement contributions.

E – Enhancements for Attracting and Retaining Key Employees.

T – Tax-Free Income during the distribution period.

A – A building of non-taxable income systematically which is distributed when applicable. In addition to establishing a medical expense fund as an alternative go to.

I – Increasing Cash Flow; ultimately positioning your business to finance it’s own equipment and where you can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars each year.

N – No Loss Guarantees; place your investments in a vehicle that eliminates downside risk, however, rewards you with upside growth potential.

E – Eliminate Debt; Eradicate Unnecessary Taxation by utilizing our financial tools and resources to determine which accounts are a better fit when making tax mitigating purchases.

R – Retirement, Ready, or Not-Diagnostic: Find out when and how much longer you’ll have to work to live the same lifestyle during retirement you’ve become accustomed to while working.

S – Stop transferring hundreds of thousands of dollars from your accounts unknowingly and unnecessarily. We find the money you are losing without discussing the investment dollars your advisors are investing for you.


How It Works:

A sample application on obtaining stable growth with us is we use a system that captures the upside of the market and protecting the client’s gains from market downturns. It takes the guess work out of investing and makes retirement more predictable


Imagine This:

After going through our retirement ready or not process, you’ll have a clear idea of how much you will need to save and need for retirement.


What Others Say:

I’m so happy Ward brought this system to my attention. It’s the best financial decision I’ve made for my retirement spend.


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