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About Us

What We Do:

We help Dentists, Executives, and Owners identify collateral damage within their financial world.


How We Do It:

“By implementing our R.E.T.A.I.N.E.R.S. Methodology.”

R – Reduce and eliminate unnecessary wealth transfers.

E – Encourage you to engage in the process. Discover why and where you’re going well before you get there.

T – Take the newly found money and increase your bottom line in every aspect of your business.

A – Attention to the details made easy and learn how to detect any of the 5 major wealth transfers going forward.

I – Increase Cash Flow; position your business to finance it’s own equipment and have it available to deploy as a viable financing option. Additionally, it can be used to mitigate any future unnecessary interest payments.

N – Neutralize current interest payments of which you are either paying or losing unknowingly.

E – Eradicate Unnecessary Taxation by utilizing our financial testing lab.

R – Realize how much longer you’ll need to work and live in the future the same lifestyle you are living today. Particularly, when the time comes for you to start a new chapter in your life.

S –See how we systematically search and find an average of $5-7 million dollars of your transferred money.


Why It Works:

We methodically take the guess work out of the most important decisions in your financial world. We show you the numbers that are currently leaving your balance sheet. You decide what you would like to happen next.


Imagine This:

After the initial engagement and the diagnostic has been performed in our financial laboratory, the visualization of your future finances will become unmistakably clear.


What Others Say:

I’m so happy Ward brought this system to my attention. It’s the best financial decision I’ve made for my financial spend.

We value Performance, Prosperity, Protection, Privacy, and Peace. If your values are inline with ours, give us a call.


For a brief 30 minute discovery call click the link below: